Heat Recovery Ventilators, Energy Recovery Ventilators, & Attic Fans

Today’s energy-efficient buildings with effective insulation, weather stripping, etc… do a great job of keeping heated or cooled air in.  However, they also keep in stale, re-circulated air.

As a service to our NJ customers, Meyer & Depew offers great prices, sales, repair, installations and service on Dayton and Penn ventilators and fans!

Opening a window provides some ventilation, but prevents effective control of the building’s heat and humidity, which will be too low in the winter and too high in the summer.  This not only causes the indoor climate to become uncomfortable, but also reduces energy efficiency since a commercial building’s HVAC systems are forced to compensate.

A heat recovery or energy recovery ventilating system solves the problem of stale air by bringing fresh air into tightly constructed residential homes and commercial buildings while ensuring better climate control and energy efficiency.

  • A heat recovery ventilator, also known as a heat exchanger, air exchanger or air-to-air exchanger, recovers heat energy from your heating and air conditioning unit during the heating season.
  • An energy recovery ventilator recovers both heating and air conditioning energy year-round.
  • An attic fan in your home or small office building can regulate the heat level of your building’s attic by exhausting hot air. A thermostat automatically turns the fan on and off, and we install additional vents to draw fresh air back into your attic.
  • Meyer & Depew sells and services Dayton and Penn ventilators and fans.

Save Money While You Improve Your Health

Our special low sales and everyday prices ensure that you’ll save money when you buy a highly efficient Dayton or Penn ventilator or attic fan that best suits your needs. You can also improve your health by breathing fresh air without the need to open any windows-which saves you energy costs, too!

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