Meyer & Depew Selfie Contest


Win 10 Tickets to See Somerset Patriots Baseball with the Meyer & Depew Selfie Contest!

Many of you have seen our latest television commercial, entitled, “Selfie.” If you haven’t, check it out below:

We have gotten so much great feedback on the commercial that we wanted to get everyone in on the fun! So, we want YOU to submit your best “selfie” to us. The winner will receive 10 tickets to see a Somerset Patriots baseball game on June 21st so they can enjoy the game with all their friends! If you manage to get a picture with a Meyer & Depew employee or vehicle, it will count as TEN entries (No Photoshopping either)! All other pictures will count as one entry. So, get creative and send us your selfies. To submit your picture, either post it up on our Facebook wall (found here), tweet it with #MDSelfieContest, or email it to An entry will be randomly selected on June 13th, so get your submissions in now. We will post entries on our Facebook page, so be sure to follow the fun there!

Whole Home Standby Generators In New Jersey

NJ natural gas generatorsDuring last week’s rain storms, many areas throughout the state were left without power. All of us know what it feels like to be stuck in your home with no power. New Jersey homeowners have been upgrading their homes with whole home standby generators at a record breaking rate since 2012 when we experienced Storm Sandy. It looks like we may be getting rain and thunderstorms in the next few days, so just make sure you are prepared in the event of another power outage, just in case. If you aren’t sure exactly what a whole home standby generator does, we’ve included some of the main benefits below:

  • Never lose power again – We all know the feeling of helplessness when the power goes out. With a whole home generator, you’ll never have to worry about that feeling again. You’ll have peace of mind, knowing your heat will stay on, your refrigerator will be cold, and any medical equipment won’t shut down.
  • No more spoiled food – Once your refrigerator loses power, it’s only a matter of time before the inside reaches room temperature. Once that happens, your food will quickly begin to go bad and become rotten. Throwing all of that food out could wind up costing you hundreds of dollars! With a Honeywell home generator, you won’t have to worry about spoiled food anymore!
  • Solutions customized to your needs – For those that rely on powered medical equipment, a power outage could become a life or death situation. If this is true for you or a family member, a home generator is a must. Meyer & Depew offers Honeywell home generators in multiple sizes – you can choose to only keep on the necessities, or keep everything powered.
  • Fully automatic – After Storm Sandy, many clients who previously relied on small portable generators decided to upgrade to a whole house generator. While portable generators have their benefits, they also suffer from many shortcomings. With a portable generator, once you know a storm is coming, you have to spend time setting the generator up, connecting everything, and running extension cords. In the event of a flash storm or if you aren’t home – you’ll be unprotected or have to set everything up in the storm. Our generators come with an automatic transfer switch, so you don’t have to worry. When the power goes out, the generator comes on and when the power is restored it shuts back down.
  • Quieter – A Honeywell standby generator can be up to 20 decibels quieter than a portable generator.
  • No waiting in line for gas – Whenever bad weather is expected, you can expect to see long lines at the gas station. If you rely on a portable generator, chances are you’ve had to stand in line waiting to fill up a red gas can multiple times. All those hours could have been spent relaxing at home instead of in line!

For more info on Honeywell backup generators for your NJ home, visit our website here.
Which Honeywell generator is best for you?
We know you are busy, so to make things easy, Meyer & Depew offers free in home consultations so you can find out exactly what backup generator would be best for you. Just Click Here or call us at 908-272-2100 to set up your free consultation.

Come Visit Meyer & Depew at the Cranford Street Fair this Sunday!

Meyer & Depew will be exhibiting this Sunday, May 4th at the Cranford Street Fair. We will be there from 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM, so be sure to come find our tent and say hi! We will be offering special coupons, some Meyer & Depew merchandise, and even a special contest where you’ll have the chance to win an awesome prize – BUT, you’ll have to show up to find out what the prize is! See you there!

Meyer & Depew Heating and Cooling – New "Selfie" Commercial

Meyer & Depew just released our second commercial! We wanted to include a little humor, so we hope you get a chuckle out of it. Also, we remind everyone to get their air conditioner tune-up ASAP, especially because the warm weather is near, and our appointments are filling up quickly. We hope you enjoy the commercial as much as the rest of the Meyer & Depew family does. Be sure to share with your friends and stay tuned for more!

When To Replace Your Air Conditioning System

Air Conditioner ReplacementRepair or Replace? A Short Guide on When to Replace Your Cooling System

Every summer, when the first hot day hits, we are inevitably flooded with calls from homeowners who turned on their air conditioner, only to find out that the system would not start up. We understand the stress and frustration that comes with this experience. Furthermore, many homeowners in this situation must then also decide whether to repair the broken system or invest in a new system. We wanted to give our clients a short guide so if they are faced with the “Repair or Replace” question, their decision is a little easier.

Air conditioning system repair is usually the less expensive option, however, it is possible for some repairs to cost just as much as an air conditioning system replacement. For older air conditioners, the decision is whether you want to put money into a failing piece of equipment, or invest in a new, more efficient system with a warranty that you don’t have to worry about.

Below are some general rules for when it’s time to replace from

  • Your air conditioner is more than 10 years old

This is the normal life expectancy for heating & air conditioning equipment. After this time, repairs generally don’t make sense when compared to the cost of a new system. In addition, upgrading to a newer, more efficient system can save significant money on your utility bills.

  • Your air conditioner needs frequent repairs and energy bills are going up

These are the tell-tale signs that it’s time to invest in a new cooling system that can provide a higher, more stable level of comfort as well as reduced energy bills.
A modern system with a programmable thermostat can keep your energy bills low, while still ensuring you are comfortable while you are home.

  • You experience humidity issues or problems with excessive dust

Older equipment and leaky ducts can cause these problems – Meyer & Depew can install new cooling equipment as well as offer solutions for humidity and indoor air quality issues.

Not sure if you need a replacement? 

At Meyer & Depew, we offer free, no obligation, in-home consultations. If you aren’t sure if you would benefit from a new cooling system, Click Here or call us at 908-272-2100 to schedule an appointment today.

Spring Air Conditioning Efficiency and Safety Check

SAVE $75.00 On a Meyer & Depew Certified Air Conditioning Efficiency and Safety Check! Only $89.00* for a limited time.
Worry Free Guarantee!**

Spring Air Conditioner Efficiency and Safety CheckWith the snow gone and the Sun gradually making an appearance here in New Jersey, the summer heat will be here before you know it! That is why we want to make sure all our valued clients are ready when that first blistering wave of heat comes, with their air conditioners in tip-top shape, ready to keep your family cool all summer long.

With a Meyer & Depew Certified Air Conditioning Efficiency and Safety Check, we go through a 19-point check so you can take care of any issues BEFORE the summer heat hits. To see the full Safety Check List, visit here:

To make this deal even sweeter, every Air Conditioning unit serviced during our Safety Check Savings Season is certified against breakdown or we’ll refund the entire cost of the Safety Check. Book today, as appointments are going quick, and summer will be here before you know it! In addition you can visit our Facebook Page to read our latest reviews and feedback.

Ready to schedule?

Just Click Here or call us at 908-272-2100 today.

*Some units may be slightly higher. Valid only on systems not currently covered by a Meyer & Depew service plan.
**Your Meyer & Depew expert technician will perform our certified precision safety check of your cooling system. If it experiences a breakdown this cooling season we’ll refund the full amount of the service or credit the amount to the cost of repairs.

How Air Purification Can Help Your Allergies

Air Purification for Your New Jersey Home

allergiesNow that we are FINALLY getting some warm weather here in New Jersey, those pesky allergies are starting to affect everyone.
Many homeowners attribute their allergies solely to the air they breathe while outdoors. In reality, the pollution in your home can be up to 100 times worse than the air outdoors. In homes with smokers or pets, the resulting particles can cause extreme irritation for some people, especially children.

And now for the good news – installing a home air purification system can drastically improve your indoor air quality and help relieve allergy and asthma symptoms! At Meyer & Depew, we offer a full range of indoor air quality products, including humidifiers, air purification systems, and UV lights. Each of our solutions are great investments and will provide you with cleaner, fresher air in your home.

For more info on our indoor air quality products, visit the Meyer & Depew Air Purification page.

Which system is best for you?

We know you are busy, so to make things easy, so just Click Here or call us at  908-272-2100 to learn more about which air purification system is best for your New Jersey home.

Choosing Your HVAC Contractor

Meyer and Depew Heating Cooling ContractorWhen it comes to your heating and cooling needs, choosing your HVAC contractor is the most important factor in your comfort and satisfaction. At Meyer & Depew, we strive to go above and beyond to ensure a great experience for our clients. Below are a just a few of the things that we do to bring more value to you:

  • Meyer & Depew provides 24/7 support and service. If you have a late night emergency, you know you can count on us!
  • We use drop cloths and floor protectors and take extreme care to ensure that your home is left clean and undisturbed.
  • We include multiple fail-safes that will shut your system down in the event of a failure to help prevent costly damage to your home or equipment.
  • Meyer & Depew prides itself in our custom ductwork. Ductwork can make all the difference in your home’s heating and cooling system performance.
  • All of our employees are drug-tested and background checked, as well as given a photo ID so you know who is working in your home.
  • There are many other parts in your heating and cooling system besides the furnace (or boiler) and condenser. We use quality parts that will last and keep your system running.
  • We survey YOUR needs. Every home is different and our employees are trained to only recommend solutions for your specific needs.

In addition you can visit our Meyer & Depew Facebook Page to read our latest reviews and feedback.

Spring Air Conditioner Maintenance

Spring is Almost Here…and So is the Warmer Weather!
It’s Time to Schedule a Tune-Up of Your Air Conditioning System…

Don’t wait until the first hot day this spring to find out if your air conditioning system is working properly.

Call us today at 908-272-2100 or Click Here to schedule a convenient appointment for your Air Conditioner Maintenance before the hot weather arrives.

What Does Air Conditioner Maintenance Cost?

If you have a Preferred Client or Assured Comfort maintenance agreement with us, an Air Conditioner Maintenance is included in your plan if you haven’t already used it. If you aren’t sure, just give us a call!

Don’t Have A Service Plan with Us?

If you don’t have a plan we’d be happy to help you choose the plan that’s best for you so that you can keep your family comfortable AND save money! Call us at 908-272-2100 or Click Here to schedule an appointment and we’ll follow up with you to help you select the plan that’s best for you. Detailed information about our service plans can also be found on our website.

These Plans SAVE Money!

The US Environmental Protection Agency says that an air conditioning and heating service plan can pay for itself in energy savings alone.

Popular Appointment Times and Dates are Still Available

Don’t miss out – our most popular appointments, including Saturdays, always go first. Call us today at 908-272-2100 or Click Here to schedule your appointment and know that your family will be comfortable when the warm weather arrives.