Commercial Rooftop Unit Replacement

At Meyer & Depew, we specialize in Commercial Rooftop Unit Replacement.

aerial view of a  Commercial Rooftop HVAC Unit Replacement

Meyer & Depew brings the same level of care and service you’ve come to expect at your home to your business with Commercial Rooftop Unit Replacement service in your area. We are the region’s replacement experts for up to 25-ton load AC/Heating units.

Planning Commercial Rooftop Unit Replacement?

Call us today and we can assist you with a phased approach to replacement rooftop units. We are experts at taking seemingly complex projects and delivering cost-effective solutions with minimal or no downtime for your business and employees.

We will install the right Commercial Rooftop HVAC Unit for your building for your Heating, Air Conditioning, Ventilation or Combination Needs

Here are a few of the AC and Heating Rooftop Unit Replacements we’ve completed around the state of New Jersey:

A supermarket in Central NJ had a unit that was in need of costly repairs. However, replacing the unit was a more cost-effective solution and with project financing, we were able to provide them with a new rooftop HVAC unit with monthly payments that were more than suitable for their budget.

a commercial supermarket in central NJ that went through a unit replacement with Meyer & Depew

a bank in northern NJ that went through a rooftop HVAC unit replacement with Meyer & Depew

A bank in Northern NJ had two units out of three that were found to have cracks in the heat exchangers. A cracked heat exchanger emits carbon monoxide gas which can lead to health issues or possible loss of life. We were able to provide the bank with three new units installed within one week. During the shipment period for the new systems, we provided temporary heating units in order to provide the bank’s employees and customers with a comfortable working environment. With enough manpower on staff, all three units were replaced in one day.

During a commercial maintenance service at a business in northern NJ, a technician found a defective unit with a cracked heat exchanger. We were able to provide the client with an appropriate cost and delivery schedule suitable for their business. This project was also completed in one working day.

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