NJ Furnace Repair & Replacement

A critically important part of our business is providing our customers with expert support for all their home heating systems – including furnaces, ductwork, vents and more.

Furnace Repair Services in NJ

Whether you heat your home with a gas or an electric furnace, the Meyer & Depew service department is available to our clients 24/7.  Our dedicated and highly skilled staff of technicians are trained to work on the systems we install, and we provide furnace repair services for all makes and models, please note that we do not service oil-fired heating systems.

We Only Install High-Efficiency Furnaces

Should you need to buy a new furnace, we recommend only the best ENERGY STAR® brands available today, including the Meyer & Depew Signature Series®. And our low everyday prices and special sales make our recommendations highly affordable.

Furnace technologies vary in the way they work and in the efficiencies they provide.  Our technicians will explain the differences to you in detail during the selection process. Here are some things to keep in mind about the different types of furnaces available.

  • Because a two-speed furnace can run on low speed up to 90% of the time, it operates more quietly and runs for longer periods of time than a single-speed furnace.  This translates into fewer on/off cycles, fewer drafts and much smaller temperature swings.  The result is more consistent, even heating throughout your home or business.
  • variable-capacity furnace provides you with the ultimate combination of comfort, efficiency and quiet performance. Building on the benefits of two-speed furnaces, variable-capacity furnaces match the output of your heating system to the temperature needs of your home. This is the ultimate in efficiency.
  • A new energy-efficient furnace can dramatically reduce your gas or electric utility bills.  Its Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) rating tells you how energy efficient your gas furnace is.  A higher AFUE promises lower operating costs for heating your home.  A new high-efficiency furnace can save you up to 30% in operating costs compared with a 10-year-old furnace. The minimum efficiency furnace that can legally be sold in the United States today is 80%.  The furnaces available from Meyer & Depew today have efficiencies as high as 97%.
  • From our special sales and everyday low prices to the high efficiency Meyer & Depew Signature Series furnace brands we recommend, you’ll save money throughout the life of your new furnace.  We use heating data from your area to help you determine the time it would take to recover the additional cost of a new furnace in energy savings.  Of course, after the payback, you’ll continue to save on your energy bills for the life of the system.

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