Whole-House, By-Pass, Fan-Powered and Steam Humidifiers

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Controlling humidity in a home affects how comfortable you feel and can save you money on your energy bills.  We can’t get enough indoor humidity in the winter, but want less of it in the summer.

During the winter, increasing humidity levels can prevent dry cracked skin, make your indoor air easier to breathe, protect your woodwork, and reduce static electricity.  More moisture in the air can even make families less susceptible to sore throats and winter colds.

During the summer, relative indoor humidity in a well-insulated, air conditioned home or office typically drops to 13% or lower. The desirable level is 30%-35%.

There are a number of ways to increase humidity in indoor air, depending on the season of the year. These can include a whole-house humidifier, and bypass or steam humidifiers mounted on your furnace.  Here are some of the humidifier types available from Meyer Depew.

  • whole-house humidifier, also known as a furnace humidifier, is ideal for use during the winter months.  It is mounted in a furnace to humidify an entire house. A number of different types of furnace humidifiers are available, including bypass, steam, mist, wick or powered.  Some mount in the ductwork while others are attached to the plenums on the furnace itself.
  • warm mist humidifier, also called a steam humidifier or vaporizer, is built to humidify a room or office space.  A warm mist humidifier boils water, which releases steam and moisture into the air.  A medicated inhalant can be added to help reduce coughs.
  • An ultrasonic humidifier, also designed for smaller spaces, vibrates water at an ultrasonic frequency, which creates water droplets that silently exit the humidifier as a cool fog.
  • Meyer & Depew sells and services all major brands of humidifiers.

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