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Say goodbye to noisy and unsafe window units. With our ductless mini-split systems, you can enjoy personalized heating and cooling in any room of your home without the hassle. Perfect for bonus rooms, basements, and three-season rooms, too!

As a trusted name in heating and cooling, Fujitsu offers high-efficiency ductless mini-split systems. You can enjoy ideal temperature control with outdoor heat pumps and compact indoor units.

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What Makes Ductless Mini-Split Systems Such a Big Deal?

  • Quiet Operation: Our systems keep the “noisy bits” outside, giving you peace and quiet inside your home.
  • No Ductwork Needed: Save money on installation and maintenance with our ductless design.
  • Safe and Secure: Say goodbye to open windows and intruders with our secure wall units.
  • Efficient Condensation Handling: No more drips inside or outside your home.
  • Rebates Available: You may qualify for rebates through New Jersey’s Clean Energy Program when you upgrade your system.
  • Keeps Your Windows Free: You have the option of opening your window on a pleasant day.

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