Why You Should Convert Your Oil Heat to Natural Gas

Converting Your Oil Heat to Gas Provides Many Benefits

Over the past decade, the amount of homes that still rely on oil for heat has fallen to only 6%. The majority of that number is in the Northeast. We see clients that choose to convert their systems to natural gas every day, so we wanted to fill everyone in on the benefits of switching.

  • Cost – In the last ten years, the cost of heating oil has doubled, while the cost of natural gas has not increased much at all. As a general idea, the cost to heat with oil this winter is expected to be about $1,500 more than heating with natural gas.
  • Easier delivery options – Gas is delivered on demand through pipes, rather than waiting on oil delivery and having to store it.
  • Gas is much cleaner and better for the environment – Oil results in soot, dust, and a smell within your home. Gas has less emissions than any other fossil fuel, so it is better for the environment as well. 
  • Oil storage tanks can fail and result in expensive clean ups.
  • Natural gas equipment is easier to maintain – No expensive clean outs like you need with an oil system
  • Gas is regulated – With oil heat, the price is dictated by supply and demand, hence the huge jump in oil over the past ten years.

As an added bonus, we will take off an additional $500 for any Oil to Gas conversion scheduled in the month of September.

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