Do You Have Dry Air in Your Home?

Dry air in the home can cause chapped lips, dry skin, and even colds!

While the winter weather in New Jersey usually seems “wet,” the humidity levels can be at their lowest. When you combine the dry outside air with the warm air inside your home, the effects of dry air can cause multiple health issues. Some issues that result because of dry air include chapped or cracked lips, dry skin, and a dry nose or throat.Once your nose and throat dry out, they cannot defend against outside germs and viruses – leading to the common notion that people get sick more often in the winter. 

While you can’t do much about the outdoor air, you can certainly improve the air quality in your home, where you likely spend the majority of your time. The best investment you can make to combat dry air is a whole home humidifier. Today’s humidifiers have advanced significantly from the humidifiers of the past, including the dreaded humidifier leaking issue that some homeowners may remember.

A humidifier can even help you save some money on your bills and pay for itself over its life. The reason for this is that air with more humidity feels warmer, so you will not have to run your furnace at as high of a temperature.

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