Backup Generator for Your New Jersey Home

Never Lose Power Again With a Backup Generator for your New Jersey Home

As you probably know, Meyer & Depew Company spent the majority of its 60+ years primarily as an air conditioning and heating contractor. As part of our commitment to ensuring home comfort to our clients, we began to offer whole home generators to make sure our clients were able to keep their power on 24/7/365 – even if the electricity went out. Now that we are entering the time of year with more mild weather, we came up with a special offer that makes sense for both of us!


We would like to offer you an additional $500 off the installation of a whole home backup generator if you schedule your appointment before the end of the month.


New Jersey’s storm season is rapidly approaching, and we would like to make sure we can help protect as many homeowners as possible. As a reminder, a standby generator provides the following benefits:


  • Never lose power again – Whether the power goes out for 10 minutes or weeks, you can rest easy knowing your generator is keeping your home powered and your family comfortable.
  • No more throwing out rotten food – It only takes a couple hours for a refrigerator’s temperature to reach room temperature. After that, it’s only a matter of time before the food goes bad and has to be thrown out.
  • Only the essentials, or have it all – For some, a power outage could literally be a life or death situation. If you or a family member relies on medical equipment, a home generator is a must. Meyer & Depew offers generators in varying sizes – you can choose to only keep on the necessities, or keep everything powered.
  • Fully automatic – With a portable generator, once you know a storm is coming, you have to spend time preparing everything, hooking the generator up, and running extension cords. In the event of a flash storm or if you aren’t home – you’ll be unprotected or have to set everything up in the storm. Our generator comes with an automatic transfer switch that turns the generator on when the power goes out, and off when the power is restored – it’s that easy.
  • Quieter – A standby generator can be up to 20 decibels quieter than a portable generator.
  • No waiting in line for gas – We all remember the lines at gas stations after Hurricane Sandy. If you relied on a portable generator, chances are you had to stand in line waiting to fill up a red gas can multiple times. All those hours could have been spent relaxing at home instead of in line!
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Which generator is best for you?

We know you are busy, so to make things easy, Meyer & Depew offers free in home consultations so you can find out exactly what backup generator would be best for you. Just Click Here or call us at 908-272-2100 to set up your free consultation.

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