Do you have hot and cold spots in your home?

Uneven temperatures in homes are a common problem…but we can help!

Many traditional heating and cooling systems use a single thermostat to determine when to heat or cool your home. The problem is that even though the temperature near that thermostat may be at the desired level, other areas of your home could be very far off.

There are a couple of factors that can affect this. Since heat rises, the second level of your home could be significantly warmer than the lower level, especially depending on the layout of your home. Secondly, rooms with large windows facing the sun will also become much warmer than other rooms. Of course, the larger your home, the harder it is for a single temperature setting to be accurate.

In order to remedy this problem, “zoning,” was created. Zoning uses multiple thermostats to create temperature “zones,” in your home. The thermostats read the temperature of their respective zone and then open or close dampers in your duct work in order to achieve the desired temperatures in the different areas of your home.

Not only does zoning provide the obvious benefit of a more comfortable environment in your home, but additionally, can result in significant energy savings (up to 30%!). For example, at night time, you can only utilize the thermostat for your bedroom, rather than using energy to heat or cool the whole home.

Interested in zoning?

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