5 Proven Ways to Lower Your Heating Costs

As temperatures go down, heating bills go up! During winter’s coldest months it becomes a battle between dealing with the chill or “burning” your budget with each degree you raise the temperature. It’s a dilemma that homeowners face every year. Meyer & Depew has 5 proven ways to lower your energy bills this season, so that you can stay warm while reducing heating costs.

1. Thermostat and Heat Management

While keeping your home warm is of the utmost importance, it can only be appreciated when you’re actually there. In the majority of homes, programmable thermostats like the ecobee allow the homeowner to specifically indicate what times of the day they would like their home heated. According to a study from EnergyHub, each degree of heat that your heating system is using can account for about 5% of your energy cost. Make the most out of your heat by programming your thermostat to reduce the temperature while you are away from home. Also consider setback-savings while you’re sleeping. These few steps will pay you dividends.

Heating distribution is another important consideration. Consider which rooms in your home are used on a daily basis. Do you have a child away at college, a guest room that’s not being used or a bathroom that’s infrequently visited? Consider closing the vents that circulate heat into these rooms. By adjusting heating pathways, your home heating system will efficiently deliver heating where it’s needed most instead of wasting energy and money on spaces that aren’t being used.

2. Replace Your Heating System’s Air Filters Every 2-3 Months

Every bit of heat that passes through your vents first passes through your home heating systems air filters. Be sure to check your air filters for any damage or buildup to assure that you’re getting the most from your heat. Dirty air filters can make it harder on your furnace to push hot air through your home. Even worse they could be sending harmful toxins or allergens into your air. If you have any sensitivity to dust or have other allergies, also consider getting a higher-grade allergen resistant air filter. This will not only make your home heating more efficient, but it will also improve quality of life as cleaner more refreshing air will begin to circulate in your home. Standard 1” filters should be replaced every 2-3 months. High performing 4” filters can last 6 months or longer.

3. Change the Direction of Your Ceiling Fan Depending on the Season

To help warm the air during the winter, your ceiling fan should run in the clockwise (reverse) direction at a low speed. (Check your fan settings) This will draw the room air up towards the ceiling and force the warm air back down in an outwards direction towards the walls, which provides a gentle flow of air that produces a warmer environment. During the summer, your ceiling fan should run in the counterclockwise (forward) direction. This will force the room air down which gives a cooling wind effect.

4. Schedule a Mid-Season Checkup

Preemptively checking and optimizing your heating system could mean all the difference between steady and consistent heat, and chilly days with high heating repair bills. A simple heating check could help identify early issues, spot inefficiencies in the system, and potentially save you thousands in the long run. This is a simple step that could mean the difference in efficient heating comfort and additional heating costs.

5. Install an energy efficient heating system 

If your heating system is over 10 years old it would be very worth your time to consider replacing your old furnace with a new energy efficient system. By making the switch, not only will you immediately save on your heating costs, but you can also have the peace of mind that your home is using less energy and is more environmentally friendly.

We hope these tips help to keep your winter heating costs down.

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