Electric Heat Pump or Oil Boiler? It’s Not Even Close.

One of our team’s family members recently bought a house in an area where natural gas was unavailable. They were exploring the possibility of installing an oil-fired heating system and started comparing the monthly costs of oil heat to an electric heat pump.

The math was startling. An electric heat pump would save them thousands of dollars per year, especially given the high cost of oil, the continued volatility of fossil fuel pricing, and the inefficiency of heating oil compared to an electric heat pump.

Electric heat pumps warm your home during winter by pulling heat inside your home and cool your home during the summer by moving heat outside. They can even provide humidity control, which makes air more comfortable and helps regulate temperature to increase efficiency.

Another advantage of an electric heat pump over oil is that it does not require the installation of a large tank on your property. Oil delivery trucks can damage your property and the odor isn’t exactly pleasant. Of course, oil tanks are susceptible to leaking, which can turn into an expensive and disruptive remediation project.

If you decide to add solar panels to your home, they can be tied into your heat pump to make heating and cooling even more eco-friendly.

Keep in mind that the New Jersey Energy Master Plan calls for the elimination of natural gas, fuel oil, and propane for heating systems. Why not make the switch to an electric heat pump now?

Years ago, electric heat pumps could only be used in more moderate climates. However, advances in technology during the past 10-20 years have made electric heat pumps viable solutions for almost any geographic region.

Meyer & Depew offers electric heat pumps that offer high Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) and Heating Seasonal Performance Factor (HSPF) ratings. This translates to greater energy savings and lower costs.

If you’re considering installing a new heating and cooling system and would like to learn more about the advantages of an electric heat pump vs. an oil boiler, contact us today and we’ll be happy to answer your questions!

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