NJ Boiler Repair and Replacement

A high-efficiency gas- or oil-fired boiler “radiates” warmth throughout your NJ home or business without causing the dryness associated with forced air (furnace or heat pump) systems.

  • We recommend and are an authorized dealer for Crown® boilers, but install and service all makes and models of gas-fired boilers. As trusted NJ Boiler Repair experts, we’ll help you lower your energy bills by servicing (or replacing) your existing unit.
  • As with furnaces, a boiler’s AFUE rating tells you how energy efficient your boiler is.  The government-mandated minimum efficiency for boilers is 80% AFUE.  The boilers sold by Meyer & Depew are available with efficiency ratings as high as 90%.

A Trusted NJ Boiler Installation Company Near You

At Meyer & Depew, we’ll help you choose the right replacement boiler for a warm and happy home. Here are the options we offer:

  • Oil-fired boilers can be made from cast iron or steel. Cast iron boilers are made up of sections of large hollow rings stacked together like a box of donuts. Water is heated inside the rings, and the burner is mounted to blast its flame into a firebox fitted into the hollow created within the sections. Steel boilers can be of the same design, or they can be of stamped steel welded together to form the sections or water chambers.
  • Gas-fired boilers come in a variety of designs and can be similar to oil-fired boilers. In a gas-fired boiler, however, the burner flame is usually positioned closer to the metal. The water tubes may even be immersed in the fire because gas burns at a lower temperature than oil.

Meyer & Depew, NJ’s boiler installation experts, can help you determine which type of boiler will work best for you.

Call today at 908.272.2100 for prices, repair, installation or service on all makes and models of gas-fired boilers.